Our Story

Footprint Coffee was born from a life changing two years of traveling the length and breadth of The Americas – sampling North America’s speciality coffee scene, meeting farmers at origin in Latin America’s tropical belt … and squeezing in as many adventure sports activities as possible.

After this there was definitely no returning to mediocre supermarket coffee, or the long commute, so co-founders Greg & Emma Jones decided to set up their own artisan coffee roastery to create and share their interpretation of the best that speciality coffee has to offer ..

Our Values

We roast our coffee as it’s meant to be – bursting with character and individual flavour. Every coffee is unique and by roasting in small batches we can tease out the best in every bean.

We want to enjoy our coffee confident that the farmers who do such a great job of growing and harvesting it receive a sustainable living income. That’s why we take care to source our coffee responsibly and know the origin of every bean.

Meet the Team

Greg is our expert in all things technical, from building our website to the science of producing the perfect espresso. You’ll often find him, coffee in hand, tinkering till late to bring you the next coffee innovation from our ideas store.

Favourite brew: it has to be espresso – thick, black, naturally sweet and chocolaty.

Emma is our early bird and coffee buyer. Up with the lark to source and bring home the finest coffees available, she makes certain we receive the cream of the crop and that you receive the freshest possible coffee every time.

Favourite brew: chemex drip filter – clean and fruity, super fresh and refined.

The most important member of our team, Geoffrey is our coffee roaster. Sometimes fickle and definitely a perfectionist, he absolutely loves to crank up the heat and turn our beautiful green beans brown.

Favourite brew: just the odd drop of oil and some TLC with a spanner.