The Big Squeeze

Bee looked happy as she sat proudly on the drive this morning sporting the mud badges of the previous day’s excitement. Our quiet corner of Wales may not be as exhilarating as her previous life in the Amazon jungle and the Bolivian deserts, but Bee had proved that she was still up to the job. […]

Crate Expectations

Well there was little point in procrastinating now we had come this far. Our roaster was safely stowed in it’s travel crate on our front lawn, the sun was shining and, once we had ascertained that the winch problem was nothing more than a disconnected battery, Bee, our Land Rover, was ready and waiting. The […]

Our shiny new roaster

Thursday closed with a great sense of anticipation. We had moved our vehicles out of the barn, off of the wide hammerhead driveway and on to the soft mossy grass to await our long expected delivery the next day. There was still tension in the air the next morning as Greg (a night owl, certainly […]