Costa Rica – El Perezoso

Flavour Notes: Apple and redcurrant with notes of chocolate, sponge cake and molasses. A vivid orange acidity and tea-like body.

With the extra training received by our farmers our El Perezoso micro-lot coffee is improving noticeably year on year. This harvest boasts a delicacy that we haven’t seen before plus lots of sweet and fruity flavour notes for a very satisfying brew.

100% Arabica Coffee.

Costa Rica – El Perezoso

The Sloth is Synonymous with Costa Rica and our El Perezoso coffee is named for that iconic animal. This lovely micro-lot comes from Coopro Naranjo, located in Costa Rica’s West Valley. The coop has over 2,000 members, and has been running its ‘Loma’ micro-lot programme – named after the ‘Lomas’ range of hills that characterise the region since 2006. The programme offers agronomy and process training plus support to its members, who need to fulfil the quality requirements of the Coop for their coffee to be considered as micro-lot. Producers then receive significant cash advances for their micro-lots which are sorted by region and tailor made for customers.

The specialty quality cherries destined for micro-lots are delivered directly to the coop. At the coop the micro-lots are dried on African (raised) beds. The lots are not disturbed at all during the first night, but are moved every 20 minutes after that. Our El Perezoso lot is comprised of cherries from the Los Robles, hill region. It is an area under the influence of Pacific weather patterns which means an often unpredictable mixture of sunshine and rain, testing the skills of farmers and processors alike.

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