Costa Rica – El Perezoso

Flavour Profile: Yellow apple and caramel, subtle herbal notes, a juicy cup and cacao nibs finish.

We love the soft caramel notes in this lovely smooth coffee from the Hills or Lomas microlot programme.

100% Arabica Coffee.

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Costa Rica – El Perezoso

El Perezoso is a microlot from Coopro Naranjo located in the west Valley of Costa Rica. The coop has over 2,000 members and since 2006 they have offered a micro lot program that producers can join. In the programme small farmers receive agronomy and processes training and support. They then need to fulfill the quality requirements of the Coop for their coffee to be considered as Micro Lot.

Producers get a significant cash advance for their Micro lots. The region is structured by ‘Lomas’ which are hills. The Loma program gathers specialty quality beans to create regional tailor-made lots for customers. These coffees are delivered directly to the coop in cherries. At the Coop, the Micro lots are dried on African beds. The lots are not moved during the first night and are then moved every 20 min until dry.

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1540 m

Freshly Roasted

Ethically Sourced

Speciality Grade

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