Costa Rica – Johel Alvarado (Geisha)

Flavour Notes: Cherry, mango and raspberry with fine dark chocolate and strawberry wine. A boozy coffee with a medium body.

This funky Costa Rican micro lot coffee truly blew us away the first time we tasted it and we couldn’t wait to share it with you… So, here it is – 100% Arabica Geisha, processed using the black honey method it’s boozy, bright and exciting – enjoy :)

100% Arabica Coffee.

Costa Rica – Johel Alvarado (Geisha)

Johel Alvarado’s farm is located in San Miguel de Grecia, near the Poas Volcano in Costa Ricia’s Central Valley. Johel and his family grow several different coffee varieties that they separate into micro lots to highlight the differences between every variety and every pick. Johel is a new member of the Coop Victoria and this is his first harvest with them.

Coop Victoria itself was established in 1943 in Grecia, nestled in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. Starting out with the objective of servicing small producers of coffee and sugar cane in the region, it is now, like many coops in Costa Rica, a real community that offers a multitude of services to its members. From providing medical assistance and education, to machinery service and financial services. The Coop now also runs projects centred on women and youth empowerment. They produce their own compost which they supply to their members and recycle their energy to maximise it’s use. The coop now counts just over 3,000 producers and buys coffee and sugar cane in the whole Central Valley of Costa Rica. They export most of the coffee beans but also roast and pack coffee for the national market which helps to increase local market and the pride in drinking café tico! (Costa Rican coffee).

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