Ethiopia – Rocko Mountain Reserve

Flavour Notes: Strawberry, blueberry, milky way. Big bodied and heavily fruited.

One of our all-time favourite coffees and we’re so pleased to have secured this new lot of Rocko Mountain Reserve from the Yrigacheffe region of Ethiopia. Processed using the traditional natural dry method; the coffee beans, while still encased in their fruit, are meticulously inspected and any under or over ripe cherries removed before being carefully dried on raised beds.

100% Arabica Coffee, natural processed Yirgacheffe.


Ethiopia – Rocko Mountain Reserve

It’s widely believed that coffee originates from Ethiopia and today there are over 1000 indigenous varieties growing wild in the mountain forests there and it is these varieties are responsible for some of the most coveted cup profiles in the world.

Our Rocko Mountain Reserve is an incredible natural processed coffee grown by smallholders based around the Idido side of Rocko Mountain near Yirgacheffe, Ethipoia. This particular lot represents the hard work and dedication from the people that live and grow coffee in the Bogale neighbourhood. They utilise 10.1 hectares of semi-forest land dedicated to coffee which is grown under the shade of native trees such as Acacia and Cardia Africa.

The community deliver their cherries to the central drying station in Yirgacheffe town where our partner in the area, Siz Agro, has been collecting and processing the lots since 2017.

Siz Agro has been pre-financing farmers communities during the off season to help them improve their production and picking and with the help of a team of agronomists that are based locally all year around advise on improvements required to achieve the best possible results in both quality and traceability.

This lots was processed as a traditional dry natural, carefully inspected for any overripe or immature cherries on the sorting table before being carefully laid on raised beds in an approximately two centimetre thick layer and turned every twenty minutes. The cherries are covered during the hotter part of the day, normally between 11am and 3pm to prevent fast drying and the drying time can vary from 14 to 18 days depending on humidity.

As with all our Ethiopian coffees, through the purchase of this coffee we are supporting the ‘Girls Gotta Run Foundation’

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2050 – 2150 m

Ethically Sourced

Speciality Grade

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