Fforest Draig – Seasonal Espresso

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Flavour Notes: Strong & full bodied with notes of roasted hazelnuts and dark chocolate.

Local Legend says the last dragon in Wales still lives somewhere deep in the forest above our roastery and this coffee is named for his dark and brooding abode. Flame roasted to our fullest profile to date, ‘Dragon Forest’ is just that little bit darker than our other espresso blends, creating a coffee that’s strong and mighty, so all of those delicious rich coffee flavours power through the milk.

100% Arabica coffee, dark roast.

For milky drinks brew 19g in 38g out 28-32 seconds
For pure espresso brew as restreto – 19g in to 32-34g out


Fforest Draig (Dragon Forest) – Seasonal Espresso

By special request Fforest Draig is a brand new espresso blend. Named Dragon Forest after the dark woods of the Radnor Forest above our roastery, where legend has it the last Dragon in Wales still sleeps. It’s flame roasted to our fullest profile to date, creating a coffee that’s strong and mighty, so all of that delicious rich coffee flavour powers through the milk…

Fforest Draig is something quite different to our usual lighter filter and medium espresso roasts, but great coffee is always a matter of personal taste and this new blend is already developing quite a following of its own.

Fforest Draig is currently a blend of:

Brazil, Fazenda Pantano
Owned by the Ferrero family, Fazenda Pantano lies at 1,150m above sea level and covers a total of 600 hectares. More than 100 hectares of the land are allocated for permanent natural forest and the farm is Rainforest Alliance certified.

Rwanda, Kirezi
Recent Cup of Excellence finalists, Kirezi Cooperative are located in the Nyanza District of the Southern Province of Rwanda. Here the coffee is grown at an altitude of 1,550 to 1,700 masl. The coffee is entirely high quality bourbon which combines with the high altitude to produce beautiful complex flavours in the cup.

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  1. John Watson (verified owner)

    Wonderful, I’m loving it loving it loving it.

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