Honduras – Finca La Florida

This is a wonderful coffee full of rich dark chocolate notes and a natural sweetness that's hard to beat.

Flavour Notes
Full bodied
Smooth dark chocolate


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moka pot, cafetiere, aeropress, drip filter


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At first on our drive through Honduras we felt that we had been swept up into a whirlwind – unfinished brand new roads were driven as though they were a kamikaze race track with clouds of dust obscuring the view. As we made our way up into the mountains however the pace slowed and the air became crystal clear. We were led up a few dead ends, where rivers or mudslides had washed away the road and such challenges are all to frequent for Honduras’ coffee growers, but when their carefully ripened coffee is on it’s way down the mountain . . . it’s well worth waiting for.

Finca La Florida lies at the very heart of the exceptional and world renound Marcala coffee growing area close to the highland town of Marcala in the district of La Paz. Blessed with steep hillsides and abundant sunshine our high grown beans are fully washed immediately after harvest and sun dried to lock in their flavour.

Proud of their coffee heritage and the region’s indigenous Lencan culture the farmers work hard to protect the quality and reputation of their coffee and this region remains one of the most beautiful and unspoiled areas of Honduras.

Until relatively recently almost of all of Honduras’ production was aimed at the commercial market – and the country was seen as a lower-priced commodity exporter. While its Central American neighbours have become famous for high quality lots, specialty has arguably taken longer to discover – and be discovered by – Honduras. The growing conditions are certainly there – fertile soils, altitude (most farms lies at 1000m plus) and agreeable microclimates – but Honduras has struggled with a lack of processing and quality control infrastructure, and a bad name with quality buyers. However, things are changing – the government is investing substantially in coffee and pushing quality.

The country’s national coffee institute, IHCAFE, is offering technical assistance and training to farmers and is working on a project to provide producers access to low interest loans to buy processing equipment. At the same time, it is working hard to build Honduras’ reputation with specialty buyers. In 2004 it helped to set up a national cupping school, which provides comprehensive training for cuppers and is giving young people the opportunity to build a career in coffee quality control.

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