Kenya – Mutero AB

Flavour Notes: Apple sours and blackberry crumble with a toffee body and nutmeg spice.

Kenya is another of my very favourite coffee growing regions and with these beans I’m reminded of my favourite apple and blackberry crumble pudding too. A doubly delicious coffee moment to savour.

100% Arabica Coffee.


Kenya – Mutero AB

Mutero is a small coffee estate located in Kirinyaga County, around 100 kilometres north of Kenya’s capital Nairobi. The owner is Mr Alvans Mutero, and his farm has around nine acres (3.6 hectares) of coffee planted with SL 28 & 34 varieties. Alvans has installed a small factory with a pulping machine, several fermentation tanks and washing channels to allow him to process his own coffee. This adds value and allows him to sell his coffee direct, rather than being exposed to the fluctuations of the coffee auctions.

After pulping, fermenting for 24 hours and then washing the coffee, the parchment is dried on raised beds (which allow for air circulation) for between 10 -14 days.

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