Kenya – Mwiria AB

Flavour Notes: Blackcurrant and raspberry with a raw honey sweetness and notes of vanilla and lemon. Rounded and well balanced.

Grown in near perfect conditions to the south west of Mount Kenya this is a deliciously well balanced coffee. The area enjoys a reputation as one of the world’s finest coffee producing areas and in our opinion this coffee well deserves the accolade.

100% Arabica Coffee.

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Kenya – Mwiria AB

Mwiria is a coffee processing mill owned by the Central Gandori Farmer’s Co-operative Society. It is located in Embu municipality, Manyatta Sub-county in Embu County and is surrounded by scenic highlands just to the South west of Mt. Kenya forest. The area is area famed for producing some of the world’s finest coffees and we think that this one is no exception.

The Cooperative society is run by a management committee of 5 of it’s members, manages two additional wet mills and presently has just 1,000 active members. The total growing area is approximately 150 hectares, with around 200,000 plants, each active farmer on average owns around 200 plants. Conditions for coffee growing are near perfect with abundant rainfall throughout the year, especially during the flowering period and the ripening of the cherry. Average daily temperatures range from 10 to 26 degrees Celsius with considerable cooling taking place at night. The water used at the station for fermenting and washing the coffee is drawn from the nearby rivers and is re-circulated during processing for conservation purposes. After use it is transferred to soakaway pits well away from the water sources to allow any remaining sediment to settle.

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1600 – 1800 m


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