Peru – Diamante Organic

Flavour Notes: Pink grapefruit, milk chocolate, lime, cherry and red apple notes.

A lovely organic coffee, produced by a group of 30 small farmers it has bright fruity notes with smooth milk chocolate and a long sweet finish.

100% Arabica Coffee. Organic Certified.

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Peru – Diamante Organic

Aromas del Valle (“Aromas from the Valley”) is a young and innovative cooperative founded in 2015. Merely Cruz Rivera and Iván Cruz Rivera started the coop with the producers in Pindo, La Coipa, and San Ignacio. Their goal was to create real opportunities for the producers in the region, whose farms average 2 hectares each. The coop works transparently with the farmers and is focused on quality. The coop is well aware they have some of the best coffees in Peru via their awards in the Cup of Excellence. In the Cup of Excellence in 2017 they won 13th Position and in 2018 6th.

Our coffee has been named Lote Especial and we hope you will agree with us that it certainly is delicious.

The coffee cherries are handpicked, selecting only the best cherries. The cherries are fermented for 18 hours, in a tank with water. This fermentation also doubles as a floatation to remove any coffee beans with less density. When the fermentation is complete the coffee is washed, changing the water three times. Finally the coffee is sun dried following a strict protocol. The coffee is dried under shade on raised beds, for about 18 days until it reaches about 12% moisture.

El Diamante (The Diamond) it is a charming place with the perfect climate for growing quality coffee. It has an urban center that belongs to the district of San José de Lourdes, this is one of the seven districts of the Province of San Ignacio in Cajamarca. In the region there are many stories. One of the most important local legends is the story of the Chinuna who is an elf that lives in the fields. This elf can transform into a handsome man or a beautiful woman depending on who sees it. Legend says that the Chinuna wanders through the fields at night to kidnap those who are enraptured by its beauty. Those who manage to survive, never speak again. Moral of the story is, don’t walk the fields at night.

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Catimor, Bourbon, Caturra, Mundo Novo, Pache, Typica




1650 – 1850m



Ethically Sourced


Speciality Grade


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