Peru – Pedro Garcia Diaz

Flavour Notes: Almond essence and peach, with fruity cheesecake notes. A complex, very creamy & balanced coffee.

This is a lovely creamy and well balanced micro-lot coffee, complimented by our rich medium roast. Just 30 bags were grown by Pedro Garcia Diaz this year on his two hectare coffee farm and we’re sure that those of you who love our Peruvian beans will appreciate all Pedro’s efforts to make his coffee extra special.

100% Arabica Coffee.

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Peru – Pedro Garcia Diaz

Pedro Garcia Diaz owns two hectares of land in San Francisco village in the district of San Jose del Alto, Jaen Province, North-western Peru. Pedro grows bourbon and pache varieties and produces just 30 bags of coffee per year. The coffee is picked selectively before being fermented for around 36 hours, washed and then placed on tarpaulin mats on the ground for two weeks to dry.

San Jose del Alto is an area of Jaen with huge potential for quality coffee – full of complexity and bursting with floral notes. But quality is often lost in picking, processing and drying, with producers lacking infrastructure, knowledge and the incentive to produce higher quality coffee, because premiums often don’t materialise. The most vulnerable producers are those that are un-associated – those who aren’t members of a cooperative, association or organisation – and they represent 75% of producers in Northern Peru. Since the area is quite isolated, with rather poor roads and far from the city of Jaen, it has received very little investment both in general and in terms of coffee production. These producers don’t have access to training sessions or premiums for quality or certifications, and their income is totally dependent on the market price. This is why our supply partners, Falcon Speciality, now work directly with producers, enabling them to work directly with farmers to improve upon existing quality with full financial traceability. This helps us to ensure that higher prices paid for the coffees are received by producers.

Whilst it is very challenging to work in San Jose del Alto, our customers consistently tell us how much they enjoy our coffee from Peru so, we think the quality potential and the positive impact that can be made on these producers make it well worthwhile. So much so that San Jose del Alto is currently one of the most exciting areas coffee growing of Peru and of Latin America as a whole.

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