Big Ears

Flavour Notes: Plums and Spice. Citrus Peel Brightness. Dark Chocolate.

This is a bold, fruity and silky smooth, with floral and citrus notes. For us a great breakfast coffee.

Big Ears was inspired by our time spent paragliding over the tropical coffee fields of Colombia. The beautiful floral notes bring back memories of warm and gentle evenings souring along the ridge and the wild and turbulent rides under the afternoon’s thunder storms.
‘Big Ears’ is a manoeuvre that involves deliberately collapsing part of your canopy to lose height rapidly – A good idea when a thunder storm is dragging you ever higher ! Not for the faint hearted !

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Big Ears is a blend based upon washed coffees from the celebrated Yirgacheffe region of southern Ethiopia. Known as a garden coffee it is grown by smallholders alongside subsistence crops and is generally found under managed shade trees.
No one knows more about quality coffee than the people of Ethiopia whose age-old coffee ceremonies are still performed on a daily basis using locally grown coffees, now world famous for their explosive aromatics.

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Cafetiere, Chemex, Aeropress, Espresso, Mocha Pot


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