Brazil – Fazenda Klem Organic

Flavour Notes: Milk chocolate, hazelnuts and caramel with a hint of lemon.

Cupping this organic coffee from Brazil reminds me of smooth Galaxy chocolate and Ferreo Rochet. Sweet and silky with little bites of hazlenut. A soft caramel linger and just the smallest hint of lemon to provide the perfect balance. For extra body this is another natrually processed coffee, but free from the more funky, boozy notes that you’ll typically find in natural Ethiopians.

100% Arabica Coffee. Organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified.


Brazil – Fazenda Klem Organic

At Fazenda Klemcoffee is a family affair. Nagipe Viana Klem, the families patriarch, started to work with coffee in the mid-1950s. From the start, he set out to produce coffees of excellence. His focus on environmental issues and quality coffee was unparalleled in that time and place.

Since 2010, Nagipe’s children, Caesar, Márcio, Sérgio and Claudio, have continued to pursue his vision and improve Fazenda Klem’s coffee by making the transition from conventional to organic certified coffee. They have also invested in pulpers, dryers, greenhouses with African drying beds and new drying patios. In 2017 Fazenda Klem obtained the 3rd place in Brazil’s Cup of Excellence competition.

The farm is stretched out over heights ranging between 900 and 1250 m.a.s.l. The coffee is shade grown beneath avocado and banana trees. The coffee matures slowly, giving seeds plenty of time to absorb lots of natural sugars. Working alongside around 45 partner families there are now more than 10 farms in the Fazenda Klem group. All partners have a stake in the total production and bear the responsibility to deliver high-quality batches.

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