Brazil – Fazenda Santana

This is a crisp bright coffee with notes of chocolate orange and buttery caramel.

Flavour Notes
Round body
Bright acidity
Chocolate & Nuts


Our Favourite Brew
Also Great Withdrip filter, chemex, aeropress, moka pot


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Brazil – Fazenda Santana

Fazenda Santana is a speciality coffee farm that has been run by the Zenun family since 1967. Back then Abrao Simao Zenun and his wife Dagmar Siqueira Zenun were pioneers building their coffee farm on the humanitarian principles laid down by Abrao’s father, Dr Abrao Zenun.

Through 40 years of dedication the farm has been expanded by the family and due to a continuing process of investment and improvement in working conditions and production processes Fazenda Santana has now received both UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certification for its environmentally and socially sustainable farming practice.

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