Call of the Wild – Seasonal Espresso

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Flavour Notes: Smooth and rich with notes of nutty caramel, blueberries & spice.

Our signature espresso, Call of the Wild is a blend two of our favourite Arabica beans: Brazil’s Fazenda Pantano and Rwanda’s Kirezi coffees. Rich and smooth, our Brazil brings a full bodied texture and nutty notes whilst the Rwanda brings sweet and complex stone fruit and spicy notes to the blend. Roasted slightly darker with espresso in mind, Call of the Wild has a lovely rich crema and goes great with milk.

100% Arabica coffee, pulped natural.

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Call of the Wild – Seasonal Espresso

Call of the Wild was developed with the pure espresso drinker in mind and straight up it produces a smooth sweet and complex brew that is pure pleasure to drink. It’s roasted to a rich medium to bring out it’s full body and flavour without any bitterness. With added steamed milk it’s beautifuly soft and comforting and reminds us of the winter we spent camping in northern Canada – wrapped up round the fire on freezing dark nights, cosily drinking coffee while wolves howled in the woods outside.

2015 Great Taste Award Winner and our best selling espresso blend !

With our nutty Brazillian coffee taking the lead, this season’s Call of the Wild is currently a blend of:

Brazil, Fazenda Pantano
Owned by the Ferrero family, Fazenda Pantano lies at 1,150m above sea level and covers a total of 600 hectares. More than 100 hectares of the land are allocated for permanent natural forest and the farm is Rainforest Alliance certified.

Rwanda, Kirezi
Recent Cup of Excellence finalists, Kirezi Cooperative are located in the Nyanza District of the Southern Province of Rwanda. Here the coffee is grown at an altitude of 1,550 to 1,700 masl. The coffee is entirely high quality bourbon which combines with the high altitude to produce beautiful complex flavours in the cup.


2 reviews for Call of the Wild – Seasonal Espresso

  1. Gabriella Maddalena

    I’ve just had a cup of “Call of The Wild” coffee at Optimum Joy in Shrewsbury.
    It was a lovely cup of coffee – full of flavour without being bitter, and strong without being too overpowering.
    I definitely will be going back for more.

  2. John (verified owner)

    I have to echo the first comment and subsequently bought my own. Now just re-ordering. Love this coffee!

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