Colombia – Jardin Monte Verde

Flavour Notes: Sweet & juicy with notes of raspberry jam and cocoa.

Antioqua was the first area in Colombia to grow coffee and is still the country’s largest coffee producing region.  Jardin Monte Verde is a microlot produced by small farmers who inherited just a few acres which have been producing coffee for generations.  Now, as members of Co-op Andes these young farmers have benefited from extensive training programmes and incentives for growing high quality coffee.  This translates into a truly great tasting cup – juicy, sweet and perfectly balanced.

100% Arabica Coffee, Fully Washed.

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Colombia – Jardin Monte Verde

Jardin Monte Verde is located in Antioquia department situated in the North-West of Colombia. The main city in the area is Medellin. This region was the first to grow coffee in Colombia and is also where the Coffee Federation of Colombia was created.
Antioquia produces the most coffee of any region in Colombia and our parter here is Co-op Andes. They are a large cooperative of small holder producers. They have an extensive farmer training programme and invest a lot in educating young farmers, as well as setting tiered rewards for high cup (coffee quality) scores.

Large scale investment in farmer training, agricultural support, micro finance and broader social education has seen Coop Andes raise the standard of living for its members significantly. For example, over the past 10 years Coop Andes has invested more than $2million in higher education for its members paying 100% of tuition fees for 1 in 5 member families and over $300,000 in health care, school kits & sport

An important part of the work undertaken by Co-op Andes and our partners to bring traceable & sustainable coffees to our customers. Jardin Monte Verde is one of a series of microlots that have been selected for their exceptional quality. Many of the producers are small holder farmers, who inherited a few hectares of land which have been producing coffee for generations and all have benefited from the delos Andes training programme, which has helped them to create composting systems, make regular soil analyses for targeted fertiliser application and to increase yield and quality.


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