El Salvador – El Borbollon

We love the refined sweetness of this coffee and the long milk chocolate aftertaste.

Flavour Notes
Smooth & Chocolatey
Refined, Medium bodied,
Well balanced


Our Favourite Brew
Also Great With
drip filter, cafetiere, moka pot


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El Salvador – this is where I saw my first real coffee tree. An escapee growing wild in the wonderfully named National Park, El Impossible. It’s a vast wild and mountainous area where enormous chameleon laze in the trees and the giant cigarillo insects sing their hearts out.

Not far away is the Santa Ana Volcano, on whose rich fertile slopes this lovely coffee grows. The beans which together make up El Borbollon come from two small neighboring farms – La Reforma and El Cerro. They are hand-picked and collected in traditional hand weaved baskets by pickers who have been specially trained to select only the best and fully mature coffee cherries.

Fincas La Reforma and El Cerro are award winning farms owned by the Alverez family, who have been growing coffee in El Salvador for over 100 years. All of the coffee is grown under a habitat rich canopy of mixed shade trees and the coffee cherries are hand picked only when fully ripe. Schools and health clinics are provided free on the farms and the family is committed to developing sustainable practices in order to protect and preserve their natural environment.

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