Ethiopia – Kaffa Forest Organic

Flavour Notes: Sweet Honey & Apricots

Back again for a new season, this is a full bodied coffee from the sought after Kaffa Forest in Ethiopia. With notes of apricots, honey and melons it has a wonderful dark chocolate finish and is a great favourite among our subscription customers. Organic & Rainforest Alliance certified.

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Ethiopia is the home of coffee and it is the town of Kaffa that gives our favourite beverage its name. Coffee still grows wild here in the forest and it is the birth place of the legend of coffee discovery by Kaldi, his goats and the priest who first threw them into the fire and unwittingly unleashed coffees amazing aroma. From here coffee has spread throughout the world, but for the people of Ethiopia coffee is still highly prized and drinking it daily is an important part of the nation’s culture. The Ethiopian people are discerning consumers, they know exactly how to recognise good coffee from bad and demand the best. Ethiopia is therefore responsible for some of the most coveted cup profiles in the world, combining florals, citrus, cocoa, tea and wild berry flavours. And it is from the forests of Kaffa that Panama’s famous Geisha variety of coffee originates.

Kaffa Forest Estate is a large family owned coffee farm, some 470 km south west of Addis Ababa. The coffee is wild and natural and approximately half of the farm remains indigenous forest with the coffee growing beneath a lush tropical canopy, nurtured by cool morning mists and protective shade. The soil is enriched with organic nutrients as the forest moves through it’s natural cycles and Ethiopia’s last forest lions are said to live here.

Kaffa Forest coffee is therefore both organic and Rainforest Alliance certified. While the farm provides permanent employment for over 400 people the workforce swells to between 2,000 and 3,000 at harvest time. The estate is divided into six micro-farms and the coffee is all washed and sun dried on site. This particular lot has a lovely smooth character bursting with juicy apricots, marzipan, honey, pineapple and floral notes.

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