Giant Strides – Signature Seasonal Blend

///Giant Strides – Signature Seasonal Blend

Giant Strides – Signature Seasonal Blend

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Flavour Notes: Funky and bright. Rich buttery caramel.

We've called this lively characterful coffee 'Giant Strides' as it constantly reminds us of the jump we made, giving up our lives in the UK and travelling the coffee growing regions of Central and South America – the first stride on our journey to becoming coffee roasters! Bold and intensely flavoured, this coffee is naturally sweet, with notes of smooth buttery caramel and a zesty tropical summer.

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Giant Strides – Seasonal Blend

This coffee has proved its popularity time and again. It’s a medium roast, concentrating on bringing out the very best combination of natural flavours from the homes of its component beans.

The Blend
Currently a blend of our coffees from:

  • Brazil – Fazenda Pantano
  • Colombia – Agusino Forest
  • Sunatra – Gegarang Village


Our Espresso Brew recipe
20g of freshly ground coffee per 56g or 2oz double shot, brew time – 21 seconds.

Owned by the Ferrero family, Fazenda Pantano lies at 1,150m above sea level and covers a total of 600 hectares. More than 100 hectares of the land are allocated for permanent natural forest and the farm is Rainforest Alliance certified.

The Yellow Bourbon coffee cherries are picked and pulped and then immediately dried on African style raised beds. This results in a cleaner cup than natural processed coffee, with a lighter body, but greater complexity.

All processing takes place on the farm and the family support a local school and also fund various training schemes and courses for their staff.

In Colombia we have chosen to work with a group of smallholder farmers located around San Augustin in Huila province. Around 6 years ago the Agustino Forest programme was set up to promote coffee growing to the small-holder communities as a viable alternative to producing crops for the illegal drugs trade.

The programme has been very successful and now includes 1000 small farmers all striving to produce coffee of outstanding quality. The programme also has a strong environmental focus requiring members to either grow their coffee under shade trees or set aside an area of their plantation as a natural forest reserve.

This organic and Fairtrade certified coffee is grown by a co-operative of 46 farmers from the village of Gegarang, located in the hills on the northern bank of Lake Tawar, close to Takengon in the province of Aech, Northern Sumatra. The village was established in the 1980s as a result of a transmigration programme within Indonesia when Javanese people were offered land in Sumatra to ease overcrowding on the island of Java. The villagers brought their coffee expertise and now grow organic coffee alongside beans and potatoes on plots of around one hectare per farmer.

After harvest it is the unique Sumatran semi-washed process of hulling, partially drying, removing the parchment coating and drying again that increases the coffee’s body and imparts the character which makes Sumatran coffee so recognisable.

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