Guatemala – La Bella Villa Sarchi

Flavour Profile: Red apple, cherry and strawberry jam with a cane sugar sweetness and syrupy body.

Sensitively roasted we’re drawing out a lovely sweet coffee with notes of red apple, cherry and strawberry jam.

Coffee farmer Teodoro Engelhardt orgega has been focusing on the quality of his coffee – planting interesting and different varieties, refining his fermenting process and building solar dryers to dry the coffee more evenly to really show off the unique cup profile that his rainforest micro-climate creates.

100% Arabica Coffee.

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Guatemala – La Bella Villa Sarchi

Finca La Bella, is an 80-hectare farm in the Sierra de las Minas area of the El Progreso department in Guatemala. The farm is owned and managed by Teodoro Engelhardt Ortega, a fourth generation coffee farmer. The farm is surrounded by tropical forest, creating a microclimate that gives the coffees a very unique cup profile. Teodoro has been focusing in on the quality in recent years, planting different varieties such as Villa Sarchi and Pacamara, refining the fermentation process and building solar drying tents to dry the coffee more evenly.

Additional to quality improvements, they have also been improving the social standards at the farm, improving the housing and cooking facilities for permanent and temporary staff, offering medical assistance to all staff and training to encourage progression through the coffee industry. All of the coffee is fully washed and dry fermented for 15-18 hours and then dried on raised beds inside a solar dryer.

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