Honduras – Beltran Alvarado

Flavour Profile:  Smooth and juicy with notes of fresh green apples and creamy caramel.

Known for it’s strong yields and clean flavour this coffee is of the Arabica variety Red Catuai.  Originating from Brazil, it’a hybrid of the  Mundo Novo and Caturra coffees and is now widely planted throughout Central America.

Every coffee batch differs however – due to where, how and when it was grown (and later roasted).  From the family run farm of Finca El Triunfo this coffee lot is named for Beltran Alvarado who inherited the farm from his father.  As an engineer at heart Beltran continually works to improve the quality of his coffee and all aspects of how the farm works.

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Honduras – Beltran Alvarado

Our Honduras Bletran Alvarado coffee comes from Finca El Triunfo, a family farm run by husband and wife team Yolanda Urrea & Beltran Alvarado and their 3 children.  Beltran who is a trained engineer inherited the farm from his father and wants to continue to improve the quality of the coffee and all aspects of how the farm works.  As well as growing Red Catuai they are experimenting now with the Maragogype variety for future microlots.

As well as growing coffee on the farm they also produce mangoes and oranges, which are available for the workers to pick and eat during harvest.  The workers are also accommodated during the harvest with modern cooking and cleaning facilities provided.  Yolanda and Beltran are actively working to encourage their children to engage in the coffee farm to look to help secure passionate future generations of coffee farmers.

The coffee is harvested between November & February and once picked the cherries go through an initial separating process, removing any floaters.  Once separated and pulped the coffee undergoes a dry fermentation process for between 10-12 hours allowing the mucilage to loosen.  The next phase sees the coffee washed a further 3 times before being transferred to raised drying beds for the following 16- 22 days depending on the humidity.

Coffee in Honduras

No one knows for sure exactly when coffee first reached Honduras, but it is believed that seeds arrived from Costa Rica between 1799 and 1804, amongst the goods brought by travelling merchants.  Today, Honduras is the largest coffee producer in Central America, and the industry plays an important role within the national economy.

Despite the huge scale of its annual coffee production and great potential for both growth and quality development, a lack of investment, and poor infrastructure has meant that Honduras has lagged behind its Central American neighbours in terms of it’s reputation for quality coffees.  However Honduras does have great benefits of high altitude, fertile volcanic soils, an ideal climate and plenty of expertise and our partners work extra hard to find the best coffees that Honduras offers and to support growers keen to make the most of thier potential.

Red Catuai

This variety of Arabica coffee is a hybrid of Mundo Novo and Caturra and is highly resistant to the natrual elements that coffee trees face at higher altitudes.  it originated in Brazil but is now widely planted throughout Central America.


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