Honduras – Saul Moises Mejia

Flavour Profile: Blackberry, orange marmalade and raspberry. Very sweet with a fudgy finish.

A lovely complex coffee – clean and fruity with a satisfying rich fudgy sweetness. Produced on a true family farm where almost all of the work including harvesting is done by owner Saul and his relatives – all of whom live on the 7 hectare coffee farm.

100% Arabica Coffee, certified Organic.

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Honduras – Saul Moises Mejia

Saul Moises Mejia is the owner of La Cascada, a coffee farm situated in the Gualme area of Corquin in Copan region. Gualme is a relatively high altitude area with greater tempreature swings and higher humidity than is generally found in Honduras. This means that the coffee has a pronounced acidity and greater complecity. It is however a challenging environment in which to dry coffee and this has until now held back Saul and growers like him. This year (and for the forseeable future too) Saul has and will benefit from a new central drying facility implemented by our supply partners. At the facility conditions are much more favourable for drying coffee and allow Saul and his family to exhibit the full potential of their coffee consistently from year to year.

La Cascada is situated at 1450m above sea level and consists of 7 hectares mostly planted with the Arabica Caturra coffee variety. The majority of picking and farm work is done by Saul’s family who all live at the farm.