India – Monsoon Malibar

For fans of our extremely popular El Borbollon coffee from El Salvador these organic beans from the mountains of Southern India are an almost prefect replacement. In a cafetiere the difference is almost indistinguishable and as a single origin espresso the Seethargundu performs even better…

We love the smooth chocolate and caramel notes of this coffee plus that hint of brightness which adds essential depth and balance to an espresso brew.

Flavour Notes
Chocolate & caramel
Pleasing brightness


Our Favourite Brew
Also Great With
espresso, aeropress, moka pot, drip filter


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India – Monsoon Malibar

India is now the sixth largest producer of coffee in the world and although as much as 75% of the 5 million bags produced annually is Robusta, India possesses outstanding conditions for the production of high quality Arabica coffee including high annual rainfall, high altitude and rich retile soils. Much of the country’s coffee is shade grown beneath natural canopies in protected forests amongst vanilla, pepper vines and cardamom trees and it is possible to source some incredible coffees from the southern states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

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Biodynamic and Organic


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