Kenya – Kii AB

Flavour Notes: Refreshing & Fruity, naturally super sweet, complex and well balanced

This coffee really is something special. It's rich fruity & refreshing, with a long sweet aftertaste and a beautiful blackcurrant flavour.

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From the foothills of Mount Kenya itself, this coffee was grown at Kii Farm, overlooking the famous elephant migration route that connects Aberdare & Mt Kenya Forest. Careful nurturing of the arabica coffee plants has allowed them to soak up and concentrate all the flavours of this part of Africa which, as artisan coffee roasters it is our role to unlock and share.

Located in the Kirinyaga district of Kenya, near the town of Embu, Kii Farm is collectively owned and worked by a number of small scale farmers and sits on wonderfully fertile red volcanic soil, surrounded by Grevillia and other indigenous trees among which monkeys, buffalo and elephant are regularly seen.

For me thoughts of Kenya will always bring back vivid memories of trekking in lush forest and open meadows beneath the stunning jagged peaks of Mount Kenya National Park. Now this truly exceptional coffee brings back some of the fabulous flavours and aromas of that amazing country too.

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