Peru – Clever and Damian Acosta

Flavour Notes: Notes of tangerine and cherry. Sweet and juicy with a rounded creamy body.

A lovely complex organic coffee with fruity notes of tangerine and cherry, finished with cream – yum.

With it’s high altitude, good coffee varieties and ideal growing conditions the Chinros area produces some of the best coffees in Peru and this colaborative effort from brothers-in-law Clever Acosta and Damian Espinoza is no exception.

100% Arabica. Organic Certified.

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Peru – Clever and Damian Acosta

Damian Espinoza and Clever Acosta are brothers-in-law who both own farms in the Alto Pirias area of Chirinos. The Chirinos area has some of the best coffees in all of Peru, with its high altitude, good varieties and ideal growing conditions, coffees from this area have a very fruity and complex cup profile.

Chirinos is a remote area in Peru’s northern highlands; one of the 7 districts within San Ignacio, which lies in the Cajamarca region, bordering the Ecuadorian state of Zamora Chinchipe at its northern most boundary.

Damian is the owner of La Palma, a 4 hectare farm planted with Caturra, Catuai and Pache. Clever owns Poducarpus, a 3 hectare farm planted mostly with Caturra and Bourbon. Next to his farm, Clever has a cupping lab where he helps his neighbours and family members by cupping to identify quality lots, to try new fermentation and drying methods and to avoid defects in the cup.

This washed lot is a collaborative effort between Clever and Damian, who have selected ripe cherries from their Caturra plots to provide us with approx. 70 bags of 86 scoring washed coffee. The lot is Organic certified. In the cup expect notes of tangerine, cherry, and a rounded, creamy body.

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