About Our Coffees

We are dedicated to sourcing the tastiest coffees while respecting our farmers and their environment too.

Quality Coffee

Always 100% speciality coffee. With our coffees consistently achieving great quality scores of 84 and above you can be confident that all our beans fall well inside the speciality bracket. Many of our coffees typically score even higher so our subscription customers can now upgrade to receive even more fine origins and micro-lots too.

Better than Fair Trade

We are very proud of our beans and all of the hard work that our farmers put into making them the best that they can be. That’s why, through a transparent and collaborative supply network, we make sure our growers receive sustainable economic returns and our coffees contribute to ecological diversity and community development too.

Carefully Roasted

When our beans reach us here at the roastery it is our job to unlock those irresistible flavours imparted by our growers.  That’s why every bean is carefully assessed and we work to optimally bring out the best of each bean’s individual qualities.  All our roasting is done by hand in small batches using a blend of traditional techniques and state of the art technology so we can be sure that once we have settled on a great roast profile we can consistently bring out the same flavour notes again and again.

Prepared by Hand

As independent, artisan coffee roasters we roast all our coffees in-house to order – which means that your coffee always arrives super fresh, perfectly roasted, rested and ready to drink. Every order is individually prepared to your specification while the beans are still warm. You can’t get better than that !

Latte Art