About Us

We are husband and wife team – Greg and Emma and it was while paragliding over the coffee fields of Colombia that our plans to become coffee roasters began to form…

Our Story

Even while travelling the length and breadth of The Americas, with little more than our Land Rover and a tent, an essential luxury was to begin each day with a satisfying cup of coffee.  Between mountain and wilderness adventures much time was spent in searching out beans for our daily brew.  And coffee farms often proved to be perfect places to camp too.

Living among coffee growers and their families we learned about coffee from the farmer’s perspective – about harvesting by hand in wellington boots to stay safe from snakes.  About keeping bees to fertilise the coffee blossom and about growing coffee beneath avocado trees to improve the harvest.  The delicious avocados are favoured by the birds and distract them from the ripening coffee cherries.  The shade of the trees also helps the coffee to ripen more slowly and flavour-fully.

It was insights like these that helped us cement our decision to set up Footprint Coffee and they form the basis of our strong commitment to source our beans ethically and sustainably. 

Positive choices for the planet

As well as looking after our growers and producing delicious speciality coffee we want to make positive choices for our planet and wherever possible give something back by:

  • Re-using or recycling all of our waste, including creating compost with our coffee chaff.
  • Planting trees to off-set our carbon footprint where we cannot reduce, re-use or recycle.
  • Switching to compostable packaging for all of our coffee subscriptions (and for retail and trade once our standard bags are used up too).
  • Using re-useable and recyclable coffee tins (with compostable liners).
  • Using recyclable outer packaging, packing tape and packing paper too.
  • Helping to fund fresh water initiatives in the developing world.

About us today

Now with more than 10 years of professional coffee roasting experience behind us we are as passionate about producing great ethical and artisan roasted coffee as ever.  Based in the Welsh Marches we serve customers both locally and nationwide.  And you can be sure that your coffee always receives our personal, undivided attention, every step of the way.

When not coffee roasting you’ll usually find us out running in the hills.  Coffee fuelled, we keep ourselves fit and our spirit of adventure very much alive with lots of mud and hair-raising descents from the fells.  Not forgetting to take plenty of time to appreciate our amazing surroundings too.

Running in Snowdonia