Muddy Boots – Organic Espresso

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Flavour Notes: A rich & fruity blend, creamy toffee & chocolate. Great with or without milk.

Our seasonal organic espresso blend Muddy Boots is a rich blend of several of our organic coffees, which combine smoothly together to create a lovely roast aroma with a satisfying creamy mouth feel and a complex journey of flavours from zesty fruit to deep toffee and dark chocolate. Roasted to our espresso profile which is just a shade darker than our single origin roasts Muddy Boots is real treat for espresso based drinks with or without milk. And of course it can be brewed with your favourite method too.

Recommended Brew Recipe – 19g in : 36g out. Brew time 28 seconds.

100% Arabica coffee, organic

Muddy Boots – Organic Seasonal Blend

Muddy Boots is roasted to a rich medium to bring out it’s full body and flavour and makes a lovely smooth espresso that’s great with milk. We’ve called it Muddy Boots for all the hours spent tramping in the woods above the roastery – it’s great to get back and relax with this comforting brew and our favourite dreamy chocolate cake.

And now it’s a Great Taste Award Winner too ! Here’s what the judges had to say:

“Lovely roast aroma. Creamy mouth feel – satisfying. Flavour has a good level of roast and an interesting journey of flavours with zesty, dark chocolate in a positive and challenging way. Rewarding experience with or without milk and sugar – a good flexible brew.”

Muddy Boots is a blend of several of our organic coffees, roasted to our espresso profile which is just a shade darker than our single origin roasts.

2 reviews for Muddy Boots – Organic Espresso

  1. howard (verified owner)

    Just finished the first bag of Muddy Boots. It is by a long way the best coffee I have ever had. Superb. I feel like my taste buds have lived a B&W existence until Muddy Boots introduced colour!

  2. Eleanor Wilson (verified owner)

    We enjoy trying different ones from time to time but we return to this one, as a firm favourite.
    A superb blend thank you and please don’t stop making it

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